Academics find eight vulnerabilities in Android's VoIP components | ZDNet

I need a security update for my Moto Z Play. This phone really isn’t that old. Because these WiFi security issue are so substantial, legacy phones should get Android updates to correct these problems.

Far as I know, RW does not use Android native wifi or VOIP calling.
RW has their own proprietary way of making the VOIP calls.

As far as OS updates for your specific device goes, that is 100% up to the manufacture to make and push out. In your case, Moto. That model, Moto Z PLay, was released in Aug 2016, so is over 3yrs old, now, unlikely to get any further updates. Mid range phones, typical get security updates for up to 2 yrs, in some cases, ,maybe 3.

I did get a random 2.4MB system update the other day on my Pixel 3…no info given by Google onto why a mid cycle OTA was pushed, a week before the next months OTA…maybe this issue as something to due with it.

If you want a phone that is guaranteed to get super fast updates, only phone that exists is Pixel line.

Extremely unlikey, RW’s Legacy phones are custom rom. RW has not touched those phones in years. I would guess no longer even have the ability to update the small amount of phones that are still in use.

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Contact Motorola.

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