Accessing 511 services from your Republic phone

Republic supports 511 calling from their phones, but in some cases you might want to get that information for an area different from where you’re currently located. See the following for 511 apps and the 10-digit phone numbers that get to 511 services in various places. If you know the number where one isn’t listed, please post a comment and it will be added.

State/Region (click for app) Number Comment
Alaska 866-282-7577
Arizona 888-411-7623
California - Bay Area 866-736-7433
California - Sacramento 877-511-8747
California - San Diego 855-467-3511
California - San Bernardino/Riverside 877-694-3511
California - Southern 877-224-6511
Colorado 303-639-1111
Georgia 877-694-2511
Idaho 888-432-7623
Indiana 800-261-7623
Iowa 800-288-1047
Kansas 866-511-5368
Maryland 855-466-3511
Massachusetts - Boston Metro 617-986-5511
Massachusetts - Central 508-499-5511
Massachusetts - Western 413-754-5511
Michigan 800-641-6368 Road construction info only
Minnesota 800-542-0220
Montana 800-226-7623
Nebraska 800-906-9069
Nevada 877-687-6237
New Hampshire
New Jersey 866-511-6538
New Mexico 800-432-4269
New York 888-465-1169
North Carolina 877-511-4662
North Dakota 866-696-3511
Ohio 855-511-6446
Oklahoma 877-403-7623
Oregon 800-977-6368
Pennsylvania 877-511-7366
Rhode Island
South Carolina 877-511-4672
South Dakota 866-697-3511
Tennessee 877-244-0065
Texas 800-452-9292
Utah 866-511-8824
Virginia 866-695-1182
Washington 800-695-7623
West Virginia 855-699-8511
Wisconsin 866-511-9472
Wyoming 888-996-7623

Tennessee 8 7 7 . 2 4 4 . 0 0 6 5

Alabama has a mobile website for traffic information, including construction projects:

@louisdi, I’m not getting anything on that Tennessee number but warning tones that the call couldn’t complete.

Some toll-free numbers only work within a given state. Perhaps, this is one of those?

Weird, it worked yesterday, and is listed front and center at their website:

That number is only for outside Tennessee: “Travelers can access road and travel conditions online at or by dialing 511 (or 877.244.0065 outside Tennessee) from a cellular or landline phone.”

I know it has been a while, but the Tennessee number is working again.

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Not sure if something has changed on RW’s side since this thread was started, but I called 511 today (in Iowa - using CDMA SIM) and it works!

Just wanted to share.

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