Accessing the phone screen when phone is broken. (Anywhere?)

It would be awesome if we can access the phone + the screen in real time through anywhere. This is a feature that might not be entirely necessary in day to day use. But if you have been in a situation where the lcd or touch panel breaks, you know exactly how useful it would be for users. Also, calliing feature should be baked into the app. Others have mentioned that its coming? Hopefully it is coming. This would be even more widely useful in day to day use + also when the phone breaks completely (hopefully calling and texting will be accessible even if the phone is completely broken).

Over the top (OTT) calling on Anywhere endpoints (devices other than one’s Republic phone) is indeed in the pipeline for future iterations of Anywhere, however, no definitive timeline has been announced. Text messaging via Anywhere is already available even if one’s phone is completely broken. I see no reason to believe calling when implemented will be different.

Regarding access to a broken phone’s screen, as far as I know, Anywhere as currently conceived isn’t intended as a screen sharing or phone syncing app. Using it as a screen sharing tool would seemingly require adding some form of virtual network computing (VNC) capability.

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I’ve moved your post out of the Anywhere feature request thread, as entire remote access of the phone would not be within the scope of the Anywhere app.

To emphasize your interest in “calling” as an Anywhere feature, please “like” the post by @jennab.u1mf3x. Our developers can check the like counts more easily than they can tally up individual posts in a very long thread.

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oh no :frowning:

If it helps any, many of our phones support OTG, and with a USB-OTG adapter, you can connect a USB mouse to the phone and use it when the touchscreen is unable register touches. I demo’d that, here:

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