Accessing Voice Mail while in Airplane Mode via Wifi

When I have my Moto X in airplane mode with WIFI turned on I cannot access voice mail! A Box pops up saying you have to turn airplane mode off in order get the messages. Do other people have this problem? I use my phone frequently in a remote area where there is no cell, so I put the phone in airplane mode so it won’t try and search for a signal…I then turn wifi on in order to use the phone. I can make and receive calls and texts just fine, but I can’t access voice mail messages. Seems like RW would allow this feature since they prefer we use wifi over cell!

Hi @richardh.amg6dg,

I’m able to reproduce what you describe on my Moto E2, currently on Republic’s WiFi only plan. In Airplane mode with WiFi enabled, I’m asked to exit Airplane to dial in to voicemail. If I exit Airplane mode, I’m able to call in. In my case, both scenarios are WiFi only.

Despite not being able to dial in, I still see and am able to access voicemail locally on the phone as described here: Access Voicemail. I much prefer accessing voicemail locally on the phone anyway. To me, dialing in is a leftover relic from the days of using a dumbphone but to each their own.

ETA: Sorry to say I don’t have a solution for dialing in to voicemail while in Airplane mode. I suppose you might raise a help ticket to inquire. You may do so here.

Hi @richardh.amg6dg,

We are aware of this shortcoming, and a workaround is described here:

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