Ordered an Ascend, now where to get accessories?

Based on a thread about delivery times, Republic Wireless has no plans to carry accessories for the Ascend.

Can I get a model number, so I know what case I need to order?

It is very irresponsible to sell a product and no accessories to fit that product.

one can not sell what doesn’t exist

I see no accessories for the Ascend 5W in the open market

(the phone is new and I don’t think anyone else is selling it yet)

Huawei is new to the US (the Nexis 6P being there first mass market phone and that one was back by Google)

it cost money to tool up for accessories built for phone (it why the iPhone and Galaxy lines always have the best cases and most options) and most accessories companies wait to see if there will be a large enough market before OK the spending

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