Accident protection warranties?


How can I purchase Moto care accident protection for my new Moto G4? If I can’t buy it for a republic phone, then I should have purchased the phone from Motorola/Lenovo instead.


As long as you bought your phone in the last 30 days, you can get it here: Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc. no matter where you bought it.


I wish that would have worked, but it doesn’t. Perhaps it works for other phones? To check, I called Motorola customer support and they said that Moto Care Accident Protection is only available when the phone is bought from the Motorola website. I’m disappointed because the phone is the same price on motorola’s website AND shipping is free, where I had to spend around $20 for shipping from republic wireless. I guess I would recommend to other customers that if you want free shipping and to buy the moto care extra protection, that you should go through motorola.


I’m not sure what to say. I bought a G4 from Best Buy. I went to that page, selected Moto G, then within last 30 days. It then had me log-in to my Motorola account where I used the button on the top left to add a new device. I put in the IMEI of the phone and once entered it allowed me to buy Moto Care.


Well, that is good! I wonder if I am doing something wrong? I am registered at Motorola, and I see my new Moto G4 on the “my stuff” page at Motorola. I also entered Moto G4 on the page louisdi linked, chose in the last 30 days, but no options for buying Moto care appeared. Thanks so much for your help though, louisdi, and I hope it helps others! I will try deleting the Moto G4 on the “my stuff” page, and then adding it back, just to see if that helps.


This apparently is a common issue and apparently Motorola has no idea what it is telling people:


Were you ever able to purchase the Moto Care Accident Protection warranty? I bought my phone through B&H Photo and am having the same problem.


I’m in the same boat @lisar.cu2t7r, bought 2 G4’s 7 days ago from RW, ported numbers over, setup everything, then went to add Moto Care accidental damage and after finding no way to add online, I called Motorola support today. They said I can only add protection if I would have purchased direct from their website. This really burns me up, wish RW would have indicated something to that extent when I bought the phones from them. No what, return both phones to RW at my expense, port numbers around and spend a few more hours setting everything up? Guess I’ll check with CC to see if they offer any damage protection…err RW, not too happy here.


To be clear, you’re upset with RW that they didn’t advise you that the manufacturer won’t sell you their protection? I just looked at Best Buy’s page, they don’t advise you of that either. Hmm, neither does Amazon or B&H or any other vendor.


I wasn’t able to purchase Moto care. I talked with two different Motorola customer service reps. I am not sure how louisd managed it, but I am glad it worked for him. RW reps were quick, helpful and honest saying RW doesn’t offer an extended warranty but that I was welcome to return the phone for a full refund. I decided to just keep the RW phone.


Credit card companies typically limit merchandise protection coverage to 90 days, although there are apparently some that will continue coverage as long as you continue to pay for your monthly service via that card: Pro Tip: Banks That Will Pay For Your Broken Phone

Otherwise, Securranty and Square Trade are third party companies through which you can purchase insurance.


I’m upset because there’s no indication that Moto purchases through RW make the device ineligible for damage protection through Moto. The other vendors (Amazon or B&H or Best Buy or Wal-Mart) at least give options at checkout for purchasing an extended warranty. Our plan is to return the phone to RW, then buy from another vendor that does offer warranty through either their own program or a 3rd party vendor. A simple RW disclaimer stating “this device is not eligible for accidental damage protection through Motorola” would be appreciated. As a contractor, our phones get used hard on the job site, so accidental damage is a must.


I would like to add that Wells Fargo (and probably a bunch of the other ones) won’t cover damage unless it renders the device unable to recieved or place calls (I.e. inoperable). So if you crack the screen but the phone is still usable, they won’t cover it.


I think your request is unreasonable. Republic sells numerous 3rd party devices and asking them to keep track of every policy each vendor has, when the vendor doesn’t even appear to know their own policy, is a bit absurd. Of course the other places will sell you their warranties, these are usually the highest margin items they have. Companies like Best Buy make more money on extended warranties than the items they sell. Samsung will gladly sell you an extended warranty for $129 and then charge you $90 each time you need a repair. So $219 for a screen repair, and lo and behold they charge $219 for a screen repair without the warranty, but guess what, if you don’t make a claim, they get to keep your $129. It’s a magnificent business model. I applaud Republic for not selling their own warranties. Everyone from Consumer Reports (Best Extended Warranty Buying Guide - Consumer Reports) to Digital Trends (Extended Warranties: Are they worth it? We Ask An Expert | Digital Trends ) says that these warranties are good for no one but the seller. And then of course, if you’re still set on a warranty, you could go this way: 5 of the Best Aftermarket Smartphone Insurance Plans