Accidently used up cell data while at home--WIFI turned on and no warning from telephone


Moto E phone indicated that I was connected to home wifi (been using the same phone and home modem/rooter for years) so I unknowingly used up my usual monthly cell data in about one day watching videos while at home. I investigated by checking wifi and my modem showed up, as usual, along with others on list. I than tapped it and read “authentication error” and it asked me to enter a password in order to connect. Don’t know why my phone would suddenly disconnect from home wifi and require a password. Angry that the phone didn’t warn me that I was using cell data and kept giving message “great wifi Centurylink XXX” on the desktop as usual while at home
. I’m just hoping to warn others and have no intention of purchasing more cell data for this cycle.


You don’t mention which Moto E you have nor your current plan?
Normally you should have received email alerts of usage of your cell data … did you not get these?
I would suggest you consider opening a Ticket with Republic, they should be able to determine if it was a Republic Wireless backend failure and make adjustments as the situation might warrant.
Use the Help/Help Center link top right


I ran a test, using up all the cell data last cycle, I was able to use all cell data up before I received the 1st email. So depending on speed of use, you may not get an email till all data is gone. and the op did report that videos were watched…

so did the op get any emails at all…


Hi @jeffreyb.hjfhrb,

I’ve never seen anything quite like what you’re describing before - the phone reported you were connected, and the router suddenly required a password. Meanwhile all your cell data was consumed.

It’s a very unusual case, thank you for making others aware.

I’m interested in this idea, to possibly pass it along:

Can you tell me more about what you would expect? Would you want a warning any time videos are streaming over cell? That might be tricky to implement in a strange case like yours, since the phone was still reporting it was on Wi-Fi. I can’t imagine how it would know to warn you. If it did work, though, do you think others would find the warning annoying, like nagging, if they already knew they were using cell data?

If you open the RW app and tap to view what apps have been using the cell data, do the dates shown and the apps being used coincide with this day at home watching video?


Thank you for your rapid inquiry. The phone is a Moto E 2nd gen with 4G LTE
and the plan is Base plan = 0.5 GB. I did receive some rapid fire emails,
probably within minutes of each other stating I had used 80%, then had only
10% then 5% remaining but didn’t see them until well after the cell data
was long gone. (They were deleted so can’t give any particulars beyond what
I recall.)
I appreciate your interest and response.

Uses Data when on Wifi

I had a situation where I would sometimes lose Wi-Fi in the back corner of my gym and my streaming music would use my mobile data.

To prevent my music apps from using mobile data in any situation, I installed an app called “No Root Firewall.” This basically sets up a local VPN that allows you to completely block mobile data for specific apps. It takes a little configuration to get it perfect, but it helped reduce my data usage immensely.

Alternatively, you could use the “Data Freeze” option of the Republic Wireless app to stop apps from using mobile data. This also sets up a local VPN and blocks data for all but the Republic Wireless apps, which don’t count against your usage anyway. At least that’s how I understand it.

I hope someone else on the forum can chime in if I have provided information that doesn’t work on the Moto E.


Thank you for your thoughtful questions. Personally I would like to be able
to set my phone to not stream any videos over the cell network. That may be
possible but I haven’t figured out how to do it. With regard to your
question about having a warning that videos are being streamed over
cellular network, I think my phone has done that in the distant past [It
would flash a message on the screen telling me I was connected to a
cellular network.] but not recently. I’m beginning to wonder if my phone is
just starting to malfunction, which may explain why it couldn’t
"authenticate" with my modem at home; The one that it’s been connected to
for years.

To answer your last question, I did check the RW app and the data was all
used up in a short time, all in one fell swoop with Youtube.


Since you mentioned you’re using the E2, you are able to set it not to stream on cell.

Check out the “cell data usage” section of this help Article:


Thank you for sending this article! I was able to turn off cell data for
Youtube which is exactly what I need.
Thank you, again, for your help!


I looked up this topic because I’ve had this issue quite a bit. I often turn off WiFi when I’m out and dont want to be on public WiFi (checking bank acct, for example).
Is there a RW suggestion box?

A nice feature would be to warn when you’re on your home network (or any network you indicate as preferred) and you don’t have wifi turned on.

Burned through 300 mb this morning in a matter of minutes because wifi was accidentally left off.


Perhaps the next Republic Wireless app update has a partial solution. One of the items in the release notes is:

  • New: WiFi Reminder. Reminder to turn WiFi back on after it is manually disabled


From the description it appears this will only Remind the user, perhaps @gregoryp.pm0hni might want to explore MacroDroid on Google Play and build a custom macro that would turn off his WiFi when his particular SSID/Router name is not detected and turn it back on when it again detects?
The Template section of the installed app provides many user provided examples … select Top Rated, then Search for ‘WiFi on Geofence’ that should do the trick


Assuming my moto g4 is a 3.0 phone that’s exactly what I was asking about. Thanks for sharing!


jben a little reminder is all I need. I usually remember (about 95% of the time) to turn it back on. Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m digging the new “wifi is off” reminder I’ve gotten a number of times since it came out.

Exactly what I was hoping for.


Thanks @gregoryp.pm0hni! I’ll let the team know you like it!


I’ve experienced similar problems. Have been logged into a strong public WiFi signal and am.logged out without warning. Used up my wifi allotment. Tonight I was logged out of home wifi without warning and used up 600 MB data on a you tube video watch. Motto G 4. One of the flaws with Republic Wireless.


Hi @erickf.woqvfw,

I’m sorry to hear you inadvertantly used up some (or all) of your cell data allotment. Please know, however, it isn’t Republic that manages your phone’s WiFi connection. Like any other smartphone, one’s WiFi connection is managed by the phone’s operating system. In that sense, Republic phones are no different than any other Android phone.

Republic doesn’t log you into or out of your home WiFi. That said, presuming you’re running version or later of the Republic app on your phone, Republic can remind you when your phone isn’t connected to WiFi. To turn that on:

Open the Republic app.
Tap gear icon upper right.
Tap Data Tools.
Toggle Turn on WiFi reminder on.


Hey Southpaw, tell the team I’m loving the “Wifi Off” notification too! It saved my kester a couple days ago!


Hi @christopherl.albdmz,

I will certainly pass that along! Thanks for taking the time to let us know!