According to Samsung's support, what is my "preferred Mobile carrier"?


I bought a Samsung J3 phone from RW less than a month ago. The screen inexplicably broke. I contacted RW, and they said that this warranty issue must be handled with Samsung’s customer service. Before I can even make contact with Samsung’s customer service, I must answer “What is your preferred Mobile Carrier?” Of course, Republic Wireless is not one of the option. Here are the options:

If you pick GenericCDMA, there is no Samsung J3 option (SM-J320A). Here are the options they provide:

If you select GenericGSM, there is no Samsung J3 option. Here are the options:

Can anyone help me? Even though I bought the phone through RW, can I select one of the major mobile carriers?



So I went through all the options. The only one that even lets you pick my phone (SM-J320A) is by selecting AT&T as my preferred mobile carrier. The only other alternatives are mobile carriers where it lets you proceed without selecting your phone model, which include: Jitterbug and Clear.

So, I appear to have three choices for proceeding with Samsung’s help:

  1. Select AT&T as my preferred carrier so I can select my phone (SM-J320A)
  2. Select Jitterbug as my preferred carrier since it does not require a phone model
  3. Select Clear as my preferred carrier since it does not require a phone model

This reminds me why I absolutely hate Samsung’s support. Can I simply ask RW to refund my purchase? At this point, I’d prefer to purchase a phone from a different company.



There is a picture of a phone with a phone number. Call them directly. Push whatever option or tell the automated voice thing whatever it wants to hear to get to talk to someone so you can explain your exact situation. If you have to select or say AT&T, just do it and tell the person you chose AT&T because your carrier was not available.

Same thing for the online, select whatever you need and maybe you will be presented with a remark/comment box where you can type “Your website did not have an option for my phone carrier. I picked the carrier that would allow me to continue. If this is not acceptable, please contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email to assist me with starting a ticket so you all can get my repair money.”

If they don’t have it setup to accept your business, then make it semi-painful on them.



I would recommend calling Samsung Support and see what they recommend.



Hi @jdepoe,

Sorry to hear of the chicken and egg conundrum with Samsung support.

This reminds me why I absolutely hate Samsung’s support. Can I simply ask RW to refund my purchase? At this point, I’d prefer to purchase a phone from a different company.

I’m afraid Republic isn’t going to be able to refund purchase of a phone with a broken screen. Details here: Money Back Guarantee.

Your Republic compatible Samsung Galaxy J3 is model SM-J320A, however, Samsung uses that model number for both an AT&T branded variant and a North American factory unlocked variant. You have the latter, so I wouldn’t suggest choosing the AT&T option.

To get around the online nonsense, perhaps just calling Samsung: 1 (800) 726-7864. When speaking with Samsung, make it as clear as possible you have SM-J320AZKAXAR (black) or SM-J320AZWAXAR (white) and not SM-J320AZWAATT. What I reference are Samsung’s manufacturer’s SKUs (more detailed versions of the model numbers). It’s the part after SM-J320A that differentiates one model from another.



To make matters worse, once you finally get to the point where you can arrange a repair you will find they don’t have an exchange option like Motorola’s. They only offer a repair option with at least a 10 day turnaround. Please let us know if this has changed.

I doubt you are going to find warranty relief for a cracked screen. Be sure to check with your credit card provider to see if they offer addition protection. Mine does.



While inclined to agree with you regarding finding warranty relief for a cracked screen, I’m hoping we’re wrong. Otherwise, it appears Samsung has suspended all non-warranty repairs due the Galaxy Note meltdown: Swapping a Ebay Used Republic Wireless phone.



Thanks, I called Samsung, and I was actually provided decent help. They took care of it and recognized Republic Wireless.

FYI: for others in a similar situation, call Samsung’s 800 number for help. They also mentioned RW should provide a loaner phone while the repairs are occurring. That looks like my next challenge in cell phone support.



RW should provide loaner support? I didn’t know RW had a policy on this and suspect that Samsung employee is incorrect. This is not to say RW won’t offer you some relief. They are nice people, but the warranty is with Samsung.



Provide loaner support? That may be true for the Big 4 carriers with stores and more expensive plans. Republic doesn’t and that’s one of the many reasons why they’re less expensive – you’re not paying for that kind of service. In four years, that’s the first time I’ve heard that.


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