According to the survey, Republic Wireless appears to be the leader

Odd piece of reporting, terribly written. The “survey” it cites isn’t even identified. But hidden in the middle of the article is the only point that seems to be newsworthy:

“According to the survey, Republic Wireless appears to be the leader among the companies that provide a chance to use prepaid services.”

that blog is 2 years old (Dec 2014)

to much changes in that time frame for any company

*stop selling (until the after uproar) in area’s that are Roaming

*reduce from a soft cap of 100 MB (unlimited to 25 MB mid Billing cycle

this was before the very long Lollipop upgrades

this is before the Post Dial Delay issue that republic did not acknowledge for a while and then took a long time to fix

  • killed all roaming on grandfathered plans (but at lease allow those plans to continue pass the end date)

this was before the switch to unlock unmodified Phones

this was before they did put that phones work on a new GSM network

this was before they drop reactivation of the Defy with only a 24 hour notice

this was before they decided to not tell people that when buying a GSM service they may get a CDMA service (as they know best)

this was before the uninformed need to enter a pass-code when dialing into voicemail from their phone

this was before they had a sale and ran out with in 30 minutes (some are reporting the phone never showed up as in stock for them) (also not there press release of said sale indicating the sale may start at 2.59 EST when it really started at 12:01 EST)

  • edit 9:50

Very ambiguous whether it was a survey of consumer opinion or just some blogger “surveying” provider’s web sites.

One thing for sure, whatever they liked about RW was as of 2014, which meant the 1.0 plan (many still on beta), with “UNLIMITED!” data and depending on when the survey was done, UNLIMITED! roaming data for $25/month.

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