Account management problem - Trouble changing data on my daughter's phone

I started my service with RW using a Moto E4. Fast forward a couple years I bought a Samsung A50 and transfered my number to the new phone. I set my moto E4 up with a new number and gave it to my daughter. Both phones are on the my choice plans. About two months ago I needed to adjust the amount of data on my daughter’s account and I found that I couldn’t do it through the RW app on my phone but I could if I logged into the app on her phone. At the end of February I needed to update my payment information and again the RW app would not allow me to edit the information from my Samsung A50 but I could edit it from my daughter’s phone if I signed into the app.
Today I activated a new Samsung A51 phone for my wife. I would like to know if I can set up her account so that she has equal account management privileges and I would like to be able to access those privileges from my own phone without having to log onto the app on my daughter’s phone.

Hi @jamesh.5o8aal,

Let me answer the easy part of your question first:

There can be only one account owner per account. If you want to share your account credentials with her, you could do so, however our help team is require to work with only the account owner, based on the name on the account.

Now the part that’s going to take some troubleshooting…

We would expect it to work that way. Can you tell me exactly what steps you’re taking and what the failure looks like? Is there an error message of some sort?

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There wasn’t an error message. The page where I was supposed to update the payment information looked normal except it wouldn’t allow me to select “update information”. I was able to log on through my daughter’s phone and it worked.

Just tried it again, seemed to be fine now. When I was having the problem it wouldn’t show the fields for the information when I tapped the pencil icon. Now, all is good.

Ah! This is a problem we’ve seen intermittently that had to do with how that payment info form is served from our payment processor. We have resolved that issue, so I think you’ll be able to manage your account from your phone from now on.

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