Account number and pin number

I can’t find my account and pin numbers

Account number would your phone number

Hi @celindak and welcome to the Community!

My fellow Ambassador @jben is correct, in most (but not all) cases the account number is the 10-digit number being transferred without dashes.

Per FCC regulation, Republic is unable to provide or set the required PIN. You may do so yourself as described by Republic here: How to Set Up or Update Your Account PIN – Republic Help.

You’ll find the information needed to transfer out (account number and the ability to set or reset your PIN) when signed into your Republic account here: Under the picture for the phone whose number you wish to transfer, click the green “I Want To…” bar then click “Transfer My Number Out”. More detail on transferring from Republic here: How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless – Republic Help.

Please know your Republic number may not transfer as quickly as a new service provider might expect. I write in some detail about that here: Anatomy of a Number Transfer.

Meanwhile, please don’t take steps to proactively cancel your Republic service. Doing so risks loss of your number. When your transfer is fully complete, you’ll receive email notification from Republic and your Republic service will automatically cancel.

If there’s something that might be done to keep you from leaving, Republic would be grateful for the opportunity. Specifically, if coverage is the issue and you’re comfortable sharing it; may I know a zip code (nothing more) for the purpose of evaluating coverage options with Republic.


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