Account was immediately deactivate by Republic when I set up a new phone

I was trying to port my phone number over from Republic Wireless to Mint Mobile. I setup Mint Mobile first, then I was going to login to Republic to go through the porting procedures, but my republic phone shows immediate deactivation.

How do I verify that Republic is porting my number to the new carrier?

Hi @waynek.0xkjwe and welcome to the Community!

There really are no procedures porting procedures one would need to engage in to port one’s number away from Republic. This is handled entirely by the gaining service provider (in your case Mint Mobile). I’ve used Mint in passing and Mint requires one request porting their number in when activating if one wishes to do so. Did Mint give you a new number? If so, are you still on your seven-day trial?

Generally, Republic does not do so. Again, it’s the purview of the service provider gaining one’s business. Have you asked Mint? I write about how the number porting process is designed to wrk in detail here: Anatomy of a Number Transfer.

Republic’s documentation for porting out is linked here: How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless – Republic Help.

Finally, please let us know if you inadvertently canceled your Republic service as described here: How to Cancel Your Service – Republic Help?

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This is not a 7 day trial and it is not a new number, since I
filled out the porting info to keep my current number from the
Mint mobile side first. I assume at this point Mint Mobile will
send some sort of request to Republic since I enter that info and
it will take the appropriate number of days?

  Since I never ported a phone number, I just assumed to set up

Mint first, then follow the procedures when porting from Republic.
It seems this is not the case?

Hi @waynek.0xkjwe,

Thank you for the additional context. It sounds like you’ve done the right things. If I’m understanding correctly, you’ve asked Mint to take your number from Republic and provided them with the information needed to do so. Presuming I’ve got that right, there really is nothing for you to do on this end.

Has Mint advised you what the status of your requested port is? The ball is in their court. All Republic does is approve or deny the port based on the request sent by Mint. Once Mint completes the port and that may take longer than they think it will, your Republic service will automatically cancel.

Have you had the opportunity to read the article I pointed you to? I realize it’s a bit long but it explains all this in detail.


I ported my number from RW to Mint about a month ago. All went smoothly. The only thing that was a little un-nerving was the porting took just minutes before I was on the Mint system but my Confirmation Email about a successful porting did not arrive until several hours later.
I kept my old number and all has been working great since then.

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In addition to my previous comment, I never did anything on the RW side to port my number. I left it alone after activating my new Mint service and let it flow. I received an email from RW not long after my Mint confirmation.
If you are still experiencing any problems, I would suggest you reboot your cell phone.

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