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My and my brother’s phones are both on my account currently, and we are trying to make it so that his phone gets charged to his debit card and my phone to my debit card. The problem is that the republic wireless accounts only allow for a single credit/debit card to be added. Is there anyway that the two phones can stay on my account while charging to different cards? Or does my brother’s phone need to be transferred over to his own account?

Thank you

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You will have to split one phone away to its separate account and that requires a service ticket. To speed things up you can create the second account in advance of opening the ticket. Both sets of credentials will be required by RW support.

Okay. My brother has his own account set up already. How does he open the ticket? Will his number be lost, or will he be able to keep the same number?

Tickets are opened by clicking on Help at the top of the page and scrolling way down to the bottom where you will find that option. Yes, he will be able to keep his number. When you open a ticket open it with the credentials of the account which presently hold the phone to me moved and when asked for a phone number put in the number of the phone you want to move.

In the ticket, mention the account and email address associated with the account the phone will be moved to.

Great thank you so much!

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