Accounts for kids


How can I use Republic Anywhere to both my kids’ phones, to track/backup SMS messages & etc? I only have one login…?


Hi @wendym.4nnih7

You can use your one RW account login on your computer to access the number you want. You can only access one number at a time. If you want to switch to a different number, click Conversation > Logout. This will give you an opportunity to access a different number.

As far as backing up texts is concerned, you can use an app on each phone to do that. Here is a link to the app I use:


I would use a parental control app rather than Republic Anywhere. Qustodio is what I use to monitor and set limits on my son’s phone.


Windows? On a Mac, the equivalent function is in the cleverly titled Republic Anywhere menu just to the right of the Apple menu.


I use Funamo & can see all texts there, but I need an exported record of all texts sent for legal purposes


The SMS BackupRestore app seems to produce one large xml file. Is there an app that preserves the conversations separately and in a format that is easier to read?


Republic Anywhere isn’t intended to be a backup/tracking solution. It will only provide the last 30 days worth of activity.

Perhaps, backing up to email and printing or saving from there: You reference legal purposes, so maybe this one:


Legal Text Collector seems to do the trick! Thanks!