Ack! Have to pick out a new phone!


I smashed my phone in my recliner and must buy a new one. I am having a hard time making sense of all of the specs, etc.

So, I was hoping for a few suggestions. Here are my requirements for a phone based on my usage patterns.

I would like a big, HD (or better) screen, 4 GB of ram, fast camera and 32-62 Gb of storage.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading.

J and K

The Moto G6 misses on the RAM side (it has 3GB) but meets most your other criteria and is a pretty amazing deal right now at $199 with the free battery pack and three months of 3GB of data paid for ($15 each month).


I am a fan of the Moto G6 as well, but I wonder what model phone you smashed in your recliner? That would help with the recommendation process?

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Smashed a X 2nd gen. I go to sleep with my phone in my hand alot!

You will need to pick a new plan with any of the new phones. The old plans will not transfer to any phone Republic sells now. The My Choice plan can be seen here:


Yes, I am aware. Any feelings on the Samsung phones?

I have negative feeling towards the J line and positive feeling towards the S line. Of course, the S’s aren’t cheap.

Just wanted to be sure, as there are some who don’t seem to know this. As Louis said, the Samsung S phones are nice phones, if you want to spend the money. Camera on the S8 and S9 is great.

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Typically, the more money you spend the better spec phone you get. I would agree with @louisdi about the J line. I don’t think it is worth the money for the phone you get. The Moto G6 is probably “best bang for your buck” phone that Republic offers.


Different skin on Android some like it better some hate it but the ”S” and ”note” line have good hardware

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One last question. Does 4 GB ram really made a difference when watching videos?


RAM has more to do with multitasking and apps that are more intensive. Watching videos would NOT be intensive.

Thanks for your thoughts everyone! Gonna make a spreadsheet and go from there.

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Have you seen this:


I meant not intensive. I corrected it.

My 2 cents after 2 Motorola phones for me and my 2 daughters so 6 in total, Moto G and Moto X pure, I will never buy a Motorola again. We have all purchased Samsung unlocked S7’s and could not be happier.

Wow. I love the S7s but they are pricey on RW website. How do you buy an unlocked phone? I read article that warned of cloned phones, etc.

Thanks for your 2 cents.

We were able to get one from EBay but then the next 2 were not truly unlocked. We did get our last one from Amazon lasted 2 weeks and had a catastrophic hardware failure. You must get the exact model listed here.

I replaced my smashed G5s+ with a refurbished Pixel, loving it so far.

Just replaced my wife’s Moto-X (2nd Gen) with a gently used Google Pixel XL and she loves it. Of course she loved the Moto-X too, and does miss being on the RW 2.0 data refund plan.

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