Ack the Keyboard Nightmare Before Christmas



So this upgrade to lollipop is the upgrade that keeps giving and giving – headaches! So I upgrade Republic wireless and then suddenly google services, which I had previously told to ask me decides to upgrade my keyboard, so I uninstall upgrade, what does it do removes my entire keyboard. I luckily still had voice search so I quickly added a different keyboard. I just want the old one back or an AD-Free non tracking keyboard with customizeable dark background and white keys. So if you have any thoughts let me know. Plus to top it off file es also updated without permission and that too is set on ask. I’m going to have to check the playstore permissions one by one again Until then I’d be grateful for any keyboard thoughts! Many Thanks!.

EDIT: Figured out what happened, seems google reset all my permissions to auto update, which is how it messed up several apps for me. I’ve gotten the keyboard back to where I can use it. Still not sure why the emoji bar is on the bottom of the emoji’s, instead of on the top. I also found free perfect keyboard, which I like, and will switch between the two. It has also messed up my ADW launcher. Sigh.


What free perfect KB did you find? Thanks.


It is called perfect keyboard. And It took me 2 hours to straighten out the update mess, which included messing up my custom launcher and several apps that I did not want updates to, but I’m good now.


I got into a similar situation before… what helped me was emailing an apk and clicking on it that way to install… in hindsight I could have pushed an installation from the web version of the play store (I had also disabled voice search)