Activate a new phone __ can't find the right page

What phone do you have? Moto G5 plus to Samsung S8

What plan are you on? 20 for 1g

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1g of data

Issue Description

Moto G5 plus died a gruesome death. I pulled out the sim card and the memory card.
I am awaiting delivery of a used [ S8 SM-G950U1].
What procedures do i need to complete to activate.
Do i need to contact RW what will i need to do to the new phone etc.

Follow this Existing My Choice plan: How to upgrade or replace your phone tips and tricks post by @amitl

In addition to the link provided by @grandbobby you may want to try the link that is posted at the bottom of all Community pages

  • Activation, which should provide you some guided direction … if you find that either of these are incomplete or need clarification, your feedback can be used to get changes made

Were you able to get up and running with your new phone?
The one caveat where you might need to get RW support involved is if your G5+
had CDMA SIM card…then you would need to request a new CDMA SIM card for your S8.
See here for additional instructions.How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help

Hi, thanks for the help… i read through the column but perhaps i missed. is there a way to tell whether i will need a new sim card?
i have a G5plus… and getting the samsung s8 with a compatible make as listed above… i have the sim card out as the phone is 100 percent done. (can’t check info via phone)

Hi @sams,

Please take a look at the SIM. If the lettering for the word Republic is a mix of green and black, it’s GSM. If the lettering is all gray or all black, it’s CDMA. Please let us know whether the SIM is GSM or CDMA and we’ll point you to next steps.

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Thanks RH. the re is black and the public is green.
i take it that is gsm ?
so next step? (i’m hopeful that no replacement is nec. given emitl’s earlier post :slight_smile:

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Hi @sams,

Your SIM is indeed GSM and will move to a compatible Samsung Galaxy S8. So, insert the SIM in the S8, then once past initial phone setup (connecting to WiFi, choosing a language, adding a Google account, etc.), you’ll need to download Republic’s app. If needed, a direct link is here:

Once installed, open Republic’s app and you’ll be presented with an abbreviated activation sequence that will move service from the broken G5 Plus to the S8.

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