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My previous Republic phone was a Moto X (1st gen). I would like to give the phone to a friend. How would the phone be activated? What plans are available for the Moto X?

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Hi @johnb.99hm0p,

You’ll want to factory reset the phone, if not already done, prior to handing it off. If needed, here’s how: Factory Reset.

Post reset and once past initial phone setup (choosing language, adding Google account, etc.); it’s a matter of starting the Republic app, then following on-screen prompts. Guidance from Republic here: Activate My Phone.

The phone will activate on Republic’s refund plans described here: Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund.

seeing that your passing the phone on to a friend please note this from Factory Reset that @rolandh posted

remove any screen locks before the factory reset


Due to the “Kill Switch” regulation that protects consumer’s information from lost or stolen phones, if you have a screen lock set up on your phone, you’ll need to verify ownership of your phone when performing a factory reset.

  • If you’re performing a factory reset prior to selling your phone, giving your phone to someone else, or returning your phone, please ensure you have removed any screen locks and have removed the “Kill Switch” protection by performing your factory reset through the Settings menu. Performing a factory reset through recovery mode or from a remote source won’t remove the “Kill Switch” protection feature. If you’re sending your phone back to Republic for any reason, you must remove this feature in order to be eligible for a refund or to avoid being charged for a replacement phone. Please review our Return and Replacement Policy for more info.

  • If you’re performing a factory reset through the Settings app, you’ll need to verify your screen lock (pin, pattern or password) before your phone will perform the reset.

  • If you’re performing a factory reset through Recovery mode, you’ll need to verify with the Google email address and password that was entered during the phone setup process before you can get back into your phone. If you have not set up a Google account with your phone, please do so before performing a factory reset through Recovery mode.

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