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I am trying to transfer an activated republic motog 1st gen phone with my existing account with the same phone number of my activated phone which is not working properly to a different moto g 1st gen phone which i recently updated .Both of these phones are on my Republic wireless account.Thanks

I was searching for a solution and seems there were similar threads for this kind of thing. Best course of action is to open a ticket and see if a rep can resolve this for you. Here’s one thread: Reassigning Moto X Phone Numbers Within RW

Good Luck and hope this helps.

Let’s see if I understand you correctly.

  1. You have a phone that is not working correctly and you wish to move the phone number from this phone to another G1 that you have on hand.

  2. Are both phones currently activated? In other words, can you make phone calls on both phones right now?

  3. If the replacement phone is not active at this time, then the process if fairly easy. You simply factory reset the replacement phone and activate it as an upgrade/replacement for the phone that is not working correctly. Your phone number will transfer from the non-working phone to the replacement phone.

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