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[Name redacted] has an account with you and email at: [redacted]. But; This is for my wife’s phone. She had a stroke, lost her card and can’t get into her email! So I opened this one for us in my email: [e-mail redacted] with username: dan.freeman here. We have only this phone and need to activate it again. We have a new bank card to pay for it. Dan

Hi @dan.freeman,

I’m sorry to hear of your wife’s stroke, and I hope her recovery is going well. Is the phone still currently activated? If so, our support team will need to help you regain access to the account to which it is assigned. For that kind of assistance, you’ll need to open a ticket. Please let me know if you need help doing so.

If the phone is not currently activated, you would activated it on the phone, using the Republic Wireless app, and enter the new card as the payment method during the activation process.

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Hi southpaw; it’s a new ticket and under review: #1369762. We also lost our old debit card and don’t have it’s number. ; Dan

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Thanks, @dan.freeman, I’ve reviewed your ticket and am asking our team to have another go at it, to see if there’s some other way we could help,

Thanks, I have all my families information except the old card number. I’ll have to get someones phone to all our bank to see if they can get the old card number that use to pay my wife’s phone. Dan

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