Activate phone--for visitor--for a month

Current user here. Relative is visiting from Brasil. can I reactivate an old moto g4 for only the month she will be here? How would I do this? Thanks.

Hi @sun95Set and welcome to the Community!

What you propose is possible, however, to start will likely require a new SIM. How long has it been since the G4 was last used with Republic?

In case a new SIM is needed, Republic offers multiple coverage options for the Moto G4. If comfortable sharing it, might we know your zip code (nothing more)?

It’s been two years since I used the old moto g4, which I purchased from Republic. We would probably like the $20 plan with 1 meg of data, since most will be on wireless. If needed, who do I request a new sim card from? Thanks.

You can check your current phone for coverage type, CDMA or GSM. If GSM you can order a new SIM card from RW or Amazon.


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Hi @sun95Set,

If as @PlaneTherapist suggests you determine a GSM SIM will provide adequate coverage in your area, Amazon would be your best bet for SIM acquisition. If you’d like us to provide further insight, we need to know your general location hence the request for a zip code.

The other caveat is, as you likely know, Republic requires auto-charge to a credit or debit card for monthly service. When your relative is done with the phone, you’ll need to remember to cancel its service:

Once you’ve acquired a new SIM, Republic’s activation guidance is documented here:


Just realised that I forgot to give the zip code. It’s 10001. We used GSM on both the old moto G4 and the current moto G6. Does that have bearing on whether we need a new SIM card? Thanks

Hi @sun95Set,

If GSM is working for you on the G6, it will work fine on the G4 as well. You still need a new SIM, it was just a matter of which new SIM and where to get it.

Republic can certainly provide a replacement GSM SIM but as you mention your family member only being here for a month, Amazon would get one to you faster than Republic is likely to:

If you’d prefer to get the SIM from Republic, please let us know.


Thanks, everyone. I’ve ordered the SIM kit from Amazon. Really appreciate your help.


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