Activated my G4 and I think I dun goofed. Got the B&H deal and I think I chose the wrong plan


When I was going through the activation process it asked if I wanted the talk and text for $15 or to add 1 gig of data for $5 extra. I was under the impression that I was getting 6 months free of unlimited talk and text and 2 gigs through the B&H deal.

I figured there must be some sort of error but I needed a phone so I just chose the $15 plan. Once the registration was over I realized that it automatically gave me the 6 months free deal. What I’m afraid of is that I’m going to miss out on the free 2 gigs of data now. What do?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Kangaroo_Ninja,

You’re correct the B&H promo is good for up to 2 GB of cell data per month. Let’s see if we can’t help you sort this. Please open the Republic app on your G4 and quote, for us, the words under Manage My Data in the white strip at the bottom of the screen.



Thanks for the quick reply!

At the top it says “Monthly data amount 0”

In the white area it says “What would you like to do?” with a plus sign that says “Add data now $5/GB”

Then in the lower white area it says “Change monthly data” “Current Plan: Choice Talk & Text”



Choose that, then follow the prompts to add 2 GB of cell data on a monthly basis. The credit for free service is tied to the SIM in your G4, so do that and you should be good to go.



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