Activated new phone but not as a replacement. What to do?


I just got a new phone from Republic Moto g5+ Desperately wanted my old phone no. Had a devil of time finding Republic app. Proceeded to follow directions and now have a new phone number. I do not want this number. How can I get it back??? my old number is what I want. I have not confirmed changes. How do I back up and get my present( not this new number)?

Getting started

Hi @marilyns.w2bqag,

Where is/was the old number located. With another service provider? Or, perhaps, on another Republic phone?



I have a few simple questions:

  1. Where did you get the G5+? Republic directly or somewhere else?
  2. Was your old phone with Republic or another carrier? Basically asking this so we know whether to help you transfer your number from the old provider or to help you properly activate the new phone to replace your old Republic phone.

Let us know the answers and I am sure we can help. It sounds pretty simple if I am guessing right.


with Republic. I still have it active


Here’s how to resolve:

  1. Log in to the Republic account you activated the new phone on: Phones | Republic Wireless
  2. Under the NEW phone with the number you don’t want, select “I Want to” and then “Cancel”
  3. Cancel the line.
  4. Go back in to the Repubic App on the new phone and reactivate, being careful to login to the Republic Account that has your old phone attached to it. When you do, you’ll see the option to “move” your number.


Just got it delivered yesterday from Republic. Number is with Republic. I am in the middle of activation but have not agreed for the transfer. How can I get it back to point that I can transfer my present nunber.


How do I do this? I need something very specific as this phone is quite a jump from my E1 !!


Where have you gotten to? Have you gotten to the part of the activation that takes plan in the Republic App or are you just doing the Google part of the activation.


I am on the Republic site help account shop at top


If you’ve activated the phone, you should see the phone here: Phones | Republic Wireless assuming you’re logging in using the same emai the phone was activated on. Do you see it there?


Yes-- I did not cancel so got the message cannot transfer–as you said I need to cancel this number I guess. I did not do that step. I need to back up


You need to cancel the NEW service with the number you do not want.


do I do that on the republic site with help account shop at top/


You would do it at the link I’ve provided twice above. On THAT page, you should see the new phone. Under that phone you then click “I Want to” and “Cancel”.


i hit the cancel will it give me more options to stay with r w?


Yes in your account info. Once new # is canceled just reactive it as a replacement.


On the new phone, cancel the line, say that you are NOT interesting in keeping the number (the new number you don’t want is what you should be cancelling) and then complete the cancellation.


Go back to your new phone and open RW app to reactivate.


ok got it canceled correctly


Now, on the new phone, be sure that you’re logging in to the Republic App using the email that your OLD phone is connected to. In other words, you MUST be able to see your OLD phone at the Republic Site I provided above when logging in with that email.