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I just got my new Moto G5 plus, an upgrade from the old Moto E2. Switching everything over and activating couldn’t have been easier. Thank you so much for outstanding service, Republic Wireless!


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Great feedback @miranda!. Thanks for sharing that.

The G5+ is a very nice upgrade from the E2. The E2 would have been on the Sprint CDMA network. Do you know if the G5+ is activated on the CDMA network as well, or if it’s on the GSM network?..just curious.

I hope you can come back and give us a review after you have had some time to evaluate your new phone.



I got it as a BYOP, so it’s on GSM now. I haven’t left the house and am on WiFi, so I’ll have to give it a little time to see how it’s gonna work for me. I don’t have much of a cell signal here, or any right now. I’ll let you know how it is outside of home.



Once outside or at another location with a decent cell signal it’s recommended to reboot you new phone. Once you do that you’ll be better able to evaluate your coverage at your home location. I reactivate my X Pure on the GSM network today. Signal is better across the street, rebooted there and my data speeds shot up inside as well. IMO GSM is the better choice if the coverage works for you. I believe you’ve been advised in a previous topic of the option to change to the CDMA network if needed. Good luck with your new phone.




Thanks so much! :smile:


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Just updating: So far so good! I’ve had no problems with signal, and even at home it’s been really good at times. Just depends where I am in the house. Excellent when out grocery shopping.


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