Activated old phone, what do I do now?

I upgraded to the Moto G5S Plus about a 2 -3 months ago. It is a piece of garbage. Anyway, today it finally quit working all together.
The problem is that I use my phone for work. I have to have it.
So I reactivated my old Moto X Gen 1. Old reliable.

So now I can work. This is good.

How do I fix the rest of it. I went through all the troubleshooting for my phone and cannot make it work.
Is there a return policy? I want the phone back so do I just pay for a months service on my old phone and when the new one is repaired or replaced I cancel it?

Anyway, is there any particular protocol I need to follow.

I read some posts on people with my problem. They said Motorola says RW should fix it and RW says take it to Motorola.

What do I actually need to do to get my old phone back and to get off of whatever new plan I activated. (I stayed with the same phone number at least) So hopefully I will only be stuck with a months bill.
(how long is the Motorola phone guaranteed for)
Anyway, I have a lot of questions but I can narrow down what problems I have to fix once I understand the repair/replace or maybe throw away policy.

Hi @live.carcass,

I’m sorry to hear of the circumstances.

Motorola phones are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. Did you purchase the phone from Republic or from a third party? Any warranty repairs would be Motorola’s responsibility (Republic has no facilities to fix phones).

For more insight on a potential warranty claim, some detail on what the phone is doing (or not doing) would be helpful.

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Wow, your pretty fast. If I didn’t need this for work, right now, I would have messed with it more before I got excited. Anyway, I did the volume down and power button for 2 minutes, nothing happened. But, the phone is plugged into my PC so when it does that my PC makes this “bumping” noise that lets me know another device is attached. While holding down the volume and the power I could hear it turning on and off by listening to the “bumping” noise my PC makes.

So there is still troubleshooting to be done before we quit. Unfortunately, I gotta work in less than an hour, so I couldn’t risk it.

Anyway, to answer your question:
My account shows I bought it on October 10, 2018. I bought it through Republic.

The phone worked yesterday, I trickle charge from my PC every night, I tried to use the phone to text into my co-workers today and it would not power on.

So I learned about the volume down and power from Motorola and Reddit forums. I also found this:

So I can try that too but there is no time now. (unfortunately, it must work now) (but the old Moto X Gen 1 is a soldier so my employer won’t freak out because I am ready to be out in the field due to my old phone)

Is there a particular thread I should direct my questions and responses to when it comes to troubleshooting. Your people may prefer that I do it their way instead of some other way. If you do any troubleshooting.

Hi @live.carcass,

First, please know I’m not Republic staff. I’m a fellow Community member. Republic likes to call customers members.

I read the advice in the linked article. If it were my phone, I’d do this instead. Try holding down the power button alone for what will seem to be an inordinately long period of time (up to two minutes). Release the power button when the screen flashes or the phone vibrates. If that doesn’t get the phone started, try connecting it to a wall charger rather than your computer for 30 minutes, then repeat the attempted force start outlined previously. Please let us know if this gets your phone up and running or not.

I held down the power for 3 full minutes and nothing happened. (power only). I just plugged it into the wall charger. When I come back from work I will see if that changes anything.

Your a member. Thank you for helping me.

Please let us know if doing so changes anything.

Yes. Staff most notably our Community Manager drop in from time to time, however, most of the helpful folks here are fellow members.

You’re most welcome!

I depressed the button for 3 full minutes. I counted it the Timer+ on my desktop. Nothing happened. It was on the wall charger for a couple of hours and depressing the power button did not do anything either. I plugged the wall charger into my Moto X and got a lightning bolt to show on the battery, so the wall charger works. I was thinking it might not work, but it does.
What next?

thanks for helping out

Good Morning @live.carcass,

Sorry to hear this but thanks for trying. It would seem there is indeed a hardware defect with your G5S Plus.

At this point, as you purchased the phone from Republic, I’d suggest you open a ticket regarding a potential warranty claim. Motorola is responsible for the warranty, however, Republic will assist in navigating the process. Alternatively, you may work directly with Motorola. If that’s your preference, the conversation may be started here.

No, I would much rather have Republic help me.

and thanks

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