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I have two lines on my plan. One is mine, a moto g 1st gen with the $10 plan. My son got a new Moto Z & I accidentally activated it with my number. How can I get my number back on my moto G?

Please open a help ticket. Time is of the essence here, so the sooner you open the ticket RW can start the process to try to retrieve your number

Once you open the ticket, you may post your ticket number here and we will try to make sure it is in the appropriate queue for the quickest attention.

1078802 is the ticket number. Please help. I am in tears.

I might have mis-read your question. Did you already have two lines…and you just happened to upgrade one to your son’s new Moto Z? So that you are left with the same two phones numbers but on the wrong phones?

Is your son’s old phone also a Moto G or similar phone on the Refund plan?

If you want to continue using your own phone, then you can reactivate it as an upgrade/replacement to your son’s phone.

And then submit a help ticket to swap the phone numbers on the two lines.

This will bring your phone number back on your Moto G…and your son’s new phone will get his original phone number.

My sons phone is the moto z number ending in 6912. Mine is the moto g ending in 5050. He got his new phone last week but it stopped working after a day so RW sent us a replacement. I activated the replacement one today & accidentally hit my number (5050) as the one to transfer.

Now my Moto G says it is checking device status & then says unable to determine status of my phone. And when I look online at my phones in RW BOTH of our numbers show the Moto Z.


Please update your ticket with the latest info. You will need a new SIM card to reactivate your son’s Moto Z.

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