Activating a gifted phone

My son was gifted a Republic Wireless phone from another family member. It will be his first cell phone. The phone has not been activated in at least a year but it does still have the Republic Wireless sim card. How can I activate the phone with a new account and also get a new phone number assigned to it?


Hi @poolecw,

To help us best help you, may we know the brand, model and (if applicable) the generation of the gifted phone, please?

It may also help us help you to know your son’s zip code (nothing more) for the purpose of assessing coverage. Would you be comfortable sharing that?

Hi, the phone is a Motorola Moto but unsure of the exact model. The zip is 30728

We really need to know the particular model. There are certain older Republic specific models that can no longer be activated with Republic (or anyone else).

Please try the following:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll to, then tap About phone
  3. Please share what is said for Model or Model number?

The above is general guidance. Depending upon the phone model in question, the path may be slightly different.

Alternatively, you mention a Republic Wireless SIM. Are you able to access and examine the SIM? If so, is the lettering for the “public” part of the word Republic green? Or, is the entire word Republic all gray or all black? If you see Sprint on the SIM rather than Republic, the phone is too old to activate.

I don’t have the sim card with me but I did take a picture. Its hard to tell from my photo but “public” does look like a slightly different color than “Re”… There is no mention of Sprint on the card. There is a “C2” on the card. I have the full sim card number that I could send privately if that would help.

Hi @poolecw,

No need for additional information. The “C2” suggests a newer Republic CDMA SIM. Newer Republic CDMA SIMs and the phone they reside in may be activated (or reactivated) as described by Republic here:

If not already done, you may wish to start your son off fresh with a factory reset of his “new” phone:

Awesome. Thanks for the info. I’ll work through the steps this evening.

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