Activating a new Moto X Pure phone with an existing RW SIM card


My Phone: Moto X Pure
My Plan: Unlimited Talk & Text ($15)
My plan does not include unlimited data

I am trying to switch from my old Moto X 1st Gen to a Moto X Pure - Marshmallow (6.0) . I moved the SIM card from the old to the new. It is stuck on “Configuring your cellular network” (it’s stuck on retry 5 of 5). Don’t know what the issue is. Please help.



The SIM in your Moto X (1st Gen) will only work in that phone and must stay with it even if you sell it or give it away. You will need a new SIM for your Moto X Pure.

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Thank you BG!

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Swapping phones via SIM Swapping is a GSM Feature
the Legacy phones like your Moto X 1st Gen are CDMA (Sprint) based and the SIM is link to the phone

note the BYOD SIM is base on GSM (GSM partner is T-mobile)
if coverage is no good with this partner please create a ticket and Republic may be able to put the Moto X Pure on the CDMA partner)


Thank you DRM186.

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