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Can I activate and transfer to my new Pixel 4a by simply inserting the SIM from my old Samsung s7?

The answer is maybe.

On the S7 go to the Republic App, click the little gear at the top and then About. If under “SIM Type” it says “GSM” then yes, you can just move that SIM to the new phone and then open the Republic App on the new phone to complete the transfer process.


Yes, the SIM type says GSM. I’ll give it a shot and post the results. Thanks!

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The new phone got up and running in just minutes. Already making calls with better quality on the receiving end. Now I’m off to see if the cell reception around my rural town has improved.

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If your area is one where T-Mobile as deployed B71 then you should indeed see improvement with the new phone since it supports B71 while the S7 did not.

I saw some improvement around my neighborhood and the next town over but still had no signal in areas known for dead spots. One person I called said I was “breaking up” and another said the call sounded better than before. It’s good to know about the B71 thing although I don’t know if it’s available in my area. I found an article that said T Mobile is not showing it on their coverage maps.

I ran the Republic diagnostic test on both phones and got better results for the Pixel: no fails and only 1 warning. With the S7 I’ve always had at least 2 fails.

The diagnostic test is a largely meaningless set of tests. There are a number of known false positives and it generally doesn’t provide anything useful unless being used to pinpoint a very specific issue. I’ve been asking Republic to make it go away nearly since they made it available.

In any case, can you share the ZIP code where you are? It’s possible that switching to a CDMA SIM could provide meaningful improvement versus the marginal improvement you’ve seen. Your ZIP would help us figure that out.

Republic sent me a CDMA SIM in June 2018 to try for better coverage than I had with the original GSM SIM in 2016, and replaced it with a GSM SIM in Sept. 2020 because I couldn’t make a call from my house when the Wi-Fi went out in a power failure. I get slightly better coverage with the GSM: I can make a call within 100 yards of my house but not around most parts of town. (Zip code 06469)

The best coverage where I live is Verizon but it doesn’t offer the same savings that Republic does. I was a fan of Republic’s approach to encouraging use of Wi-Fi from the start 10 years ago and have stuck with it since. However, now that I’m driving more and not around Wi-Fi as much, spotty coverage is more of a problem.

Well, if you’ve already discovered that the GSM coverage is better, nothing else to do. Good news is that the networks are being combined as we speak and if everything goes as planned as we get in to later this year and early 2022 both sets of coverage will be combined and you’ll have the coverage of both.

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