Activating a Samsung S7 Even Though It's Not Supported

I have a Samsung S7 Active (unlocked) that is on an AT&T carrier at the moment and I just learned about Republic Wireless.

I am very excited to make the switch but would like to without having to switch phones, even if I do not receive support if I have a problem. I could always just switch phones at that time.

Will I be able to order a sim, put it in, and activate it for service to at least work? I’ve found a previous article showing how to activate a S7 and assume that it will work but just isn’t supported anymore…


I’m afraid not. Only the specific phones shown here can be used with Republic: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help The S7 Active, modified for AT&T, isn’t compatible, Sorry!


Thanks for the quick response. It is natively AT&T and unlocked to work on Tmobile.
What will happen if I attempt to activate it?

It wont work. The RW app will tell you that the phone is not compatible and will not allow it activate.

Carrier unlocked and Factory unlocked are very different things.

Republic only supports certain model North American Factory Unlocked phones.


Exactly what I was looking for - thanks!

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