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Many times when turning on my Moto x 2nd generation it will run do an “activating apps” for about 15 minutes. This has been going on for several months and is very irritating, not to mention using up precious battery space? First of all, why is this happening? Second, Is there a work-around to avoid this?

Hi @garys.wibxd7,

There are two potential solutions to the experience. Option one is to press the power on button but release it quickly before the screen lights up. Option two is to not start the phone when connected to its charger.


Thank you for you response.
Regarding your first suggestion: Do not understand why this would correct the problem but certainly will give it a try.
Regarding your second: the problem occurred off the charger.

Generally, when this is the case, option one is the solution. Try holding the power button for two seconds, then release and wait for the screen to light up.

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