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Hello! First of all, what a great community and forum. I’ve spent a few minutes searching the forum, but haven’t been able to find an answer to my specific situation. I’ve been thinking about making the switch to RW, but the only thing holding me back is the discrepancy between service being available in my area (96707), my phone being eligible for BYOP (Nexus 6), but BYOP support not being offered here.

Bottom line is, if I order a RW sim, am I still able to activate it from my zip code that does not support BYOP? Or would the system not even allow that? From reading the other posts, it seems like the reason the discrepancy between the phone being supported and there being service in my area, but no BYOP support offered is that the CDMA service is better here and currently RW only supports BYOP for GSM. I’m currently on another MVNO that uses T-mobile’s towers, so I know what to expect for the kind of service I would receive here, which is definitely satisfactory.

I just want to make sure that I will at least be able to try RW’s service out and not have wasted $5 on a sim card that is not even possible to activate for BYOP in my area.

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Hi @evanwhat,

Bottom line, yes!

When Republic says BYOP isn’t supported in a given area it means that its’ estimation of coverage from its’ GSM partner (whom you’ve correctly identified) would not be a good experience. No coverage estimation (no matter the methods used) is perfect. You should expect, at least, the same level of service with Republic’s GSM partner as that which you currently enjoy. It may even be a bit better since Republic’s service offers voice roaming, which many MVNOs do not.

In the event, GSM coverage doesn’t work out, please give Republic the chance to improve the experience. There are a variety of ways to do so with your Nexus 6, including a potential switch to CDMA (Sprint) coverage if that’s the appropriate solution.


@rolandh, thank you for the response! I ordered my sim and will give it a shot! Looking forward to it. Glad to hear the option is open to switch to CDMA after activation as well. Republic’s business strategy seems very similar to Google fi, minus the active switching between GSM and CDMA towers.

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this is an Hawaii zip note Republic does not have local numbers for this area and can not take numbers from this area (Republic get there numbers from Bandwidth.INC, it’s former parent, and Bandwidth does not have a presents in Hawaii (they are not in any of the rate centers)


Nice catch, I didn’t think to look up the zip.


@evanwhat’s coverage experience should still be on par with what his current MVNO provides, however, he may wish to consider whether Republic’s inability to provide a local number would be a deal breaker. If so, the SIM he ordered may be returned if unopened:

As Help Center anchor tags don’t seem to be fully functional, I’ll quote:

In order to be eligible for a Republic SIM card refund, you need to be within our Money Back Guarantee and your SIM card must be unopened and undamaged. If those requirements are met, we’ll refund the full amount you paid (plus taxes) for your SIM card (initial shipping is non-refundable). Please contact the Republic Help team to request a SIM card return.

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I was just checking the coverage of GSM in his area and noted the island, from the carrier maps GSM should be an ok experance but CDMA would be better


Which is consistent with Republic’s coverage tool’s suggestion. The OP stated in an earlier post that he’s currently using another MVNO that also partners with Republic’s GSM partner. He indicated satisfaction with the GSM coverage experience. For me, facts on the ground trump any estimation of coverage no matter the means used to provide that estimation.

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Thanks for the heads up. I was planning on porting my current number anyways – I checked ahead of time and it’s eligible according to Republic’s number transfer tool.

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Just for the sake of clarity, is the number you plan to port located in Hawaii?

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No, it’s originally from Virginia.


That makes sense.

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