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I just received my S20 Ultra which was purchased via the Republic page on Swappa, downloaded the Republic app and verified that the phone was compatible. It does not have a SIM card in it, but I do have a Moto X4 on my current Republic phone that has a GSM card in it. This is my desire: I want to switch my current number from the Moto X4 to the Galaxy S20, then take my wife’s phone, which is a Moto X1, and switch her phone number to the now vacant Moto X4. From my research it seems like the X4 to S20 is compatible, but the X1 to X4 may not be. So, will I need to purchase a new SIM card for either of the phones, and can you give some instructions on how to get these switches completed?? My ZIP code in 46304 in case that helps. Thank you in advance!

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Your research is correct :slight_smile:
I’ll post some helpful guides, but you’re correct that you can move the SIM from the X4 to the Samsung without issue. Here is a link to help further:

Moving a Current Republic SIM When Upgrading to a New Compatible Phone

This also will help with the setting up of the Samsung:

Optimizing your Samsung Galaxy phone for Republic Wireless

As you might have see in the first link, you are again correct that moving the SIM from the X1 to the X4 would be an issue. (The X1’s SIM needs to stay with that phone.) So you will need to order a new SIM for the X4.

Note, the x1 has been using Republic’s CDMA partners network while your X4 has been using their GSM partner. If you want the same coverage as the x1 for the x4, you can ask Republic for a CDMA SIM here:

How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help

If you would like to have GSM coverage (same as you have now on the x4), you can order a SIM here:

How to Order a SIM Card from Republic Wireless – Republic Help

Please let the Community know if this helps or if you have anymore questions. :slight_smile:


Hi @joannl.ix4x0p ,

When you ordered the S20 from Swappa, were you not presented with an offer for a free SIM card from Republic?

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Alas, yes I was, but I was unsure whether or not I would need one, thinking that I would rotate my old SIM cards through the phones and end up with an unused, SIM-less X1. So, my plan is to contact Republic, give them the order number of my purchase, and hopefully they will have mercy and send my a new, free, SIM card. And if not… nobody to blame but myself. Thanks!

Hi @joannl.ix4x0p,

Thanks. We have seen a few Swappa orders that did not present that option, so I appreciate your confirmation that it was working.

I see our Help Team has already responded to your request. Please let us know if you think coverage with the new SIM card is not as good as it was on the X1. We may need to swap out your SIM cards to improve your coverage.

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