Activating new G7 update fails

This gets kind of complicated. We are upgrading from G4 to G7. G7 is GSM, G4 is CDMA, and we are in an area that is stronger CDMA than GSM. But we thought we would give it a shot because we like the Motorola phone line.

When we first attempted to activate, we would connect to WiFi, and it would cycle Checking for Updates and never get past.

We attempted van external reset. No success.

This morning I noticed the Skip before trying to update. I skipped and proceeded with phone config. I then chose updating the RW app. It cycled a long time “Checking info.” It failed, saying something like “problem communicating with Google servers.”

My WiFi connection is strong cell connection is weak.

Any thoughts, comments, observations?

Hi @krisn.fxac1z - You could try the following –

  1. Turn the phone off and remove the SIM.
  2. Turn the phone on and connect to WiFi.
  3. Do all the Android system updates. We had to check for updates multiple times to get the phones completely updated.
  4. Download the RW app (again) and do any Play store app updates.
  5. Turn phone off and insert SIM.
  6. Turn phone on and try activating by opening the RW app.

That’s pretty much what we did with our Moto G6’s because we didn’t have the SIM when the phones got here. (We bought the phones on Amazon and had to wait for the SIMS from RW). This did allow us to start with a phone that had all the Android system updates and the most current apps. Seemed to work well for us.

There is a way to request a CDMA SIM if that gives you the best coverage. Please note - Don’t think RW has a CDMA SIM for the G7 at this time. They should have them soon. You can use the following to request a CDMA SIM once they become available.

Hope this helps! If problems continue come back and we’ll see if others have any solutions.

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Followed the steps. It ends with “check for updates was not available at this time. Try again later.”

Thanks for you help.

FYI, that was updating the Android system. Updating the RW app results in “checking info” and “problem communicating with Google servers.”

Are you still seeing this? If so, are you otherwise able to access the Internet on the G7, say surf the web using Google Chrome?

Good point! Went to chrome, brought up Checking for Updates.

I do have an ip address assigned by router, so it is connecting to router.

Another FYI. When I go to chrome, it wants to connect to Google. When I say no thanks, I can browse the web to my heart’s content.

A third FYI. Settings > accounts did not have an account assigned. I tried assigning her Google account. It is back to Checking Info again

Please see if this helps:

Did that. Reset network settings, in addition. I saw a Google play store icon at top of desktop. Tapping it revealed “completing play store set up”. It fails. When I try to add an account to the phone, result is “problem communicating with Google servers”

@krisn.fxac1z some interesting indications.

I’d try rebooting your router and then reboot the phone after router. Yes, other devices might be working correctly but rebooting the router has been known to clear items and correct a connection issue with a phone.

Here’s a site with some information about fixing Google Play Store issues –

It’s worth a quick read to see if you have had any of these issues.

And if all else fails, might be time for a factory reset and basically start from scratch.

If you do a reset please note the tip after step 7 about setting up as a new device. Recommend you do the reset by accessing the settings and not via an external reset. An External Reset requires you know your Gmail address and password. I’m not sure you have ever successfully set up a Google account on the phone so this could be a problem.

Others may have more tests and checks too! Sorry you’re having so much trouble trying to get the phone activated.

Following up on this. I turned phone off, then rebooted router by unplugging it, wait two minutes (to make sure that the capacitors drain). Started router. No change with the phone. Android nor rw app will complete updates.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Thanks @krisn.fxac1z for sticking with the troubleshooting everyone has suggested and reporting back. Sure it is very frustrating to try so much and make no headway.

Unless another member sends some other possible solutions I’d suggest a factory reset. This should put the phone back to new just like the day you got it from RW. (This assumes you purchased the phone from RW and it came with GSM SIM installed, was ready to charge, and just turn on and activate). It would help to put the phone in a known baseline configuration before trying any other troubleshooting. Fingers crossed a factory reset would fix everything :smiley:

If you do not want to do a factory reset you could open a Help Ticket. Don’t be surprised if one of the steps they suggest is a factory reset. One advantage of the Help Ticket is they can start any steps needed to help replace the phone. Here’s a document with the Return and Replacement Policy.

Hang in there!

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Thanks for your assistance. I took the phone to my work and attempted updates there. Phone updated just as explained in the instructions, no issues. You suggested that my home network might have been interfering. I think you may have been right, even if rebooting my home router didn’t fix things. Anywho, the phone is updated and activated now. All is good.

Thanks again for your help, dvn


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