Activating new phone associated wrong email address

I ordered a new sim card, finally worked up the courage to actually install it and transfer my number to a new phone. BUT, I used the wrong email address when asked for the address associated with my account. So, my calendar is blank, etc.

Help and thanks for reading.

Hi @joker_1,

Let me make sure we’re on the same page.

  1. When you activated the phone in the Republic app, did you provide the correct e-mail address and successfully move your number to the new phone, or did you provide the wrong e-mail address, resulting in the creation of a new account and assignment of a new number?

  2. When you set up the phone, adding your Google account for the purposes of Gmail, Photos, Calendar, and Contact syncing, did you use a Google account that does not match the one on the old phone?

These are two very different problems with very different solutions, and I don’t want you to lose your phone number thinking these two problems are in any way related.

If the answer to (1) is “yes, I used the wrong e-mail address, created a new Republic account, and now my phone has the wrong number” then you’ll need to cancel that service line in the Account portal and re-activate the phone using the right Republic Wireless account credentials. But if your preferred phone number moved to the new phone, don’t cancel!

If the answer to (2) is “Yes, I entered the wrong Google account and nothing from my old phone is syncing to my new phone” then you can change the Google account on the phone in Settings > Accounts. Just tap the wrong account and tap “remove account” then go back to Settings > Accounts and tap “Add account” to add the correct one.

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