Activating new phone while keeping old phone active


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moto e 2nd gen
Republic Refund 0.5GB

I have just purchased a new moto g5s plus that i am ready to activate. I know how to do this so that is not an issue. What I want to know is if I can keep the old phone active on my existing number on the old phone initiate a new number on the new phone but then transfer the old number to my new phone in the future and if so how long do i have to do this? Thanks.


during activation you will have a option to activate as a new line


I know that my question is all about waiting and can it be done? This means keeping both phones active for a time TBD.


one can have support swap the numbers at anytime (there is no need minimum or maximum time before doing this)


If members don’t mind having one phone deactivated for a while there is an official procedure we can go through. How to Swap Phone Numbers on the Same Account – Republic Help

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