Activating new sim card

I have a moto e 2nd gen and was getting a sim card error message and having trouble making calls. I got a new republic wireless sim card and now it says I don’t have a card installed. Activation needed?

Hi @darinm.pd7teu!

Was this a SIM card provided by Republic Help or was it one you bought off the Republic shop or Amazon? If it was one you purchased, than it is the wrong SIM card. The only SIM that will work in the Moto E2 is the one that Republic Help can provide. The legacy device SIM cards cannot be purchased off of the Republic site or Amazon. If you did purchase a SIM, please open a help ticket here and request a replacement SIM for your Moto E2. Also, note that the SIM card in your E2 is only used for 4G LTE access. Your phone should work fine other than 4G LTE. Are you running the latest software? Also, are you experiencing dropped calls on WiFi or Cellular? Hope that helps!


Thanks so much for your help!

I opened a help ticket but haven’t gotten much feedback since. I’m really not sure if I am running the latest software and I do experience numerous dropped calls on cell and wifi.

Hi @darinm.pd7teu ,

I apologize for the delay on your ticket. I’ve reviewed it and followed up to gather some additional information. Once you respond, someone should take action fairly quickly. Although they may not respond right away (to preserve your place in line), there will be additional activity going on to move toward getting you the right SIM card.

Thanks for your reply and following up with this!

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