Activating new unlocked Samsung Note 8


What phone do you have?
Currently have a Moto X puré but Just bought a Samsung Note 8 unlocked phone that the description said was Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T unlocked.

What plan are you on?
1gb plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Just ordered a new. SIM card for the Note 8. When I turned on the Note, it has AT&T interface – haven’t yet inserted the RW SIM since it’s yet to arrive.
Q: Am I likely to face compatibility issues since it’s “AT&T unlocked” when I insert the RW SIM card? Do I have to go through the rigmarole of tracking the seller and unlocking / switching the phone on the AT&T website?

Or am I likely to be fine?


Yup, I’m afraid it won’t work with Republic. Only the factory unlocked model will.


There’s no way around it?


Nope, there is not.


Some more info on finding an Compatible unlocked phone is here:

“Carrier Unlocked” or “will work on any carrier” are terms that certainly make people think the phone they are buying will indeed work as advertised on their selected carrier. Indeed, they will work on the “big 4” and many of their MVNO’s.

However, Republic is not your typical cellular provider. Due to the very unique way that Republic’s Service works with its “Adaptive Coverage”, only the listed North American, Factory Unlocked, Non-carrier branded phones are compatible. (Project Fi also only allows select model phones on thier service)


Thank you for responding, really appreciate it!


Thank you for the detailed response! It was enormously useful and clarifying :slight_smile:


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