Activating Phone

I have installed a new SIM card and am trying to activate my phone but cannot receive a multi-factor authenticator code because my phone is not activated.

What phone do you have? Samsung A51

What plan are you on? talk and text with 2MG of data monthly

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes all

Issue Description

My phone has been giving me numerous issues. Republic suggested I needed to install a new SIM card. They sent one to me, I've installed it, and am trying to activate my phone. However, I can't. It requires a multi-factor authenticator code. I can't receive one because my phone is not activated. I can't get around the required multi-factor authenticator. HELP!

Good Morning @jeffreys.8e7cqa,

We’re going to need a bit more information before we would be able to offer guidance. Specifically, is the multi-factor authentication code for your Republic account? Or, is it for your Google account?

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Problem was resolved. Thank you though.


Hi @jeffreys.8e7cqa,

For the Community’s benefit, would you mind sharing the resolution?

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Republic disabled my multi-factor authentication and the issue was resolved


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