Activating replacement phone (same model) - different device ID?


I recently got a new phone and activated it on the new Republic wireless plan, using a new SIM card. The device was a Motorola G5 Plus ordered from Amazon. Everything was working great on the Republic network for about two months.

Last week, my phone had a hardware problem - broken power button that wouldn’t turn on.

So I ordered a new Moto G5 Plus (same model) from Amazon, and moved over the SIM card to the new phone. When I turned the phone on, I went through all the usual phone setup process, but did not have to do anything to activate it using the Republic Wireless app - it seemed like it was working right away without that step.

Now my new phone seems to be working fine, but the “Device ID” showing on the Republic site/app is from my old phone, not my new one.

Also, the data usage for the current month seems to be off.

How do I activate / update my new phone so that it is registering the new Device ID/IMEI with Republic Wireless?


Hi @johnd.e6hk6g,

Please follow the steps to refresh credentials and let us know if that corrects everything.

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