Activating Used Phone on Republic 1.0 Plan


I currently have a $10 per month Republic 1.0 plan but will need to replace/upgrade my phone soon - it is having serious system issues. From reading all of the 1.0-related posts on the forum that I could find, I understand that Legacy phones that work on 1.0/2.0 plans are no longer available for purchase from Republic. I will need to just pick one up via E-bay or something similar.

Before I purchase a phone I just want to clarify one detail: Can a Legacy phone (let’s say a Moto G 3rd Gen) that was previously used on a 2.0 plan be deactivated by its previous owner and then activated by me on my current 1.0 plan?

I am really hoping I don’t have to find a phone that was specifically used on a 1.0 plan - as I assume that used phone market is very small… Thanks in advance for your help!


Yes, a legacy RW phone from either the 1.0 or 2.0 plan when activated as replacement to an existing line of service on a 1.0 plan will hold on to the 1.0 plan.

New activations of legacy RW phones regardless of their history will activate on the 2.0 Refund plan.


Thank you very much for your response. I am glad to hear the phone previously on the 2.0 plan will be able to be activated on my current 1.0 line of service! :slight_smile:


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