Activating visual voicemail message

What phone do you have? Moto G6 and Moto Power 2021

What plan are you on? MY Choice + 2GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Both

Getting “activating visual voicemail” message on my and my wife’s phones. Haven’t had any issue getting my voicemail B4. Why am I getting this now?

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Please check out this Republic help document:


Following suggestion to deactivate Visual Voicemail causes voicemail option to disappear. The “activating” prompt is merely an irritation when VV activated.

This problem has gotten worse recently, and the supplied workaround now ends up removing the entire voicemail tab in the dialer.
Using version 62.0.360486235 of the dialer on a Moto G7 Play.

If Visual Voicemail is deactivated as per the Republic Help document, the voicemail tab at the bottom will disappear upon the next restart of the dialer app.
If Visual Voicemail is left enabled, then the “Activating visual voicemail” nag screen shows on the voicemail tab but at least the voicemails are available to hear.

The answer is to uninstall updates to the Phone App. The recent update Google did to the App broke Visual Voicemail.

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Thanks. But when I select “Uninstall Updates” I receive a fairly ominous warning that “All data will be removed”. I’m reticent to do that because I want to retain my call history and existing visual voicemail.
Is it safe to do it and will it reload the history from RW servers?

Nothing is lost

It is safe, but nothing to do with Republic or its servers. It’s just an unnecessarily ominous warning that’s generic any time you uninstall updates from any system app and doesn’t apply here.

Ok. Version dropped back to 48.0.308707326 and the functionality for RW is much better. Do I need to do anything to prevent google play from upgrading it again?

Wife and I have Pixel 4XL and we have the same issue- We get the “activating visual voicemail” nag warning message at the top, but it seems all the voicemails are coming through and showing up as far as I can tell. Also, like someone else has mentioned, we tried to turn off visual voicemail toggle to get rid of the nag message but then the voicemail tab disappears.

Instead we have just put VV back on so that we can see that voicemail tab at the bottom and be able to use it.

My question is this: Is there any harm in leaving this VV toggled on and I can just ignore this warning message? Has anyone reported not getting voicemails because of this or do we need to worry about that? If the only nuisance is the message itself then thats fine, but we cant miss voicemails obviously. Anyone have any info on that front?

I read below that some of you reverted back to older previous phone app update, but I don’t really like that solution unless its absolutely necessary to make sure I get all voicemails.

Does anyone have any issues missing voicemails? or maybe is there a fix for this issue in the pipeline from RW?

In the Play Store, find the Phone app (“Phone by Google”), either by looking for your available updates, or with the search menu. Call up the menu and uncheck the box that says “Enable auto update”.

I just activated a brand new moto g Power today. The voicemail tab appears at the lower right corner of the phone app but voicemail is not showing up on the screen. I have to dial voicemail to get messages. Do I need to uninstall phone app updates on this brand new phone?

Hi @garys.nt6a3i,

No, we would not expect you to need to uninstall updates on this phone, but please do make sure the Phone app is up to date with version number 64.0.367290399.

I’ve activated a Moto G power 2021 and am seeing both old and new voicemail in the Phone app’s voicemail tab.

Are you getting a notification when voicemail arrives?

Please try refreshing the Republic activation. How to Refresh the Republic Wireless Activation – Republic Help

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Thanks for the response. I think we have it working correctly now.

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