Activation and Unlock phone?

Anyone been able to activate their brand new Samsung galaxy phones yet? I still can’t and I’m getting very tired of this runaround I feel like RW is giving me.
Would I be able to get it unlocked and Take the phone and transfer my number to another company?

Lots and lots of activations. What exactly is going on with yours? Are you moving a Republic number from a legacy account to the new phone? From another carrier? New Number? What has support told you?

I have two accounts with RW now. I bought a new Samsung galaxy on my old account. When I went to activate it they told me I had to set up a new account for the new phone so I did. It will not activate and I’m being charged for service on both accounts now.

Just to clarify, the service you paid for on the new plan will not start until the phone is activated (you’ll then get a prorated credit back for the unused days remaining on the old plan. So, you’ll only end up paying for one plan at any given point in time.

If you did not create the new account until AFTER you purchased the phone or SIM card in the online store (i.e., you were signed in to the account for your current phone when you checked out), you’ll need to follow the instructions here to activate the phone: How to Activate 5.0 SIM Cards That Were Bought On an Existing Legacy (Including My Choice) Account – Republic Help

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I’ve done all this and it’s still not activating! :rage:

Did you get to this step?

If not, at exactly what step did the process break down for you?

Yes I did get to this step but it didn’t activate.

I did get to this step and I’ve been charged for this account that I haven’t been able to use. I’m getting double billed. I’m billed for the old account and the new account and I can’t even use the new account!

Just to confirm, have you attempted to make a phone call?

Also, did you take the steps to move a number from a current Republic phone to the new one during activation?

Do you see the new phone listed in the new phone account when you sign in (i.e., not the account that houses your old phone)?

If so, then it can take several days for the number to move to the new line. Until then, your old phone should (hopefully) continue to work if it was working prior to activating the new phone.

I’ve done all the steps and still my number will not change to the new phone and new account. The new 5 g phone will not activate yet I’m being charged for the service I’m not getting.
At this point I’m thinking I need a lawyer because RW is stealing my money! Nobody seems to be able to fix this problem. It’s getting ridiculous!

Can you please give a separate response to each of my questions so I can have a more clear picture of the status of your phone?

Also, have you opened a ticket with Republic staff?

(I do assure you that Republic is not stealing your money. Your prepaid plan won’t actually start until the phone is activated, and you can also receive a full refund within 30 days for any reason.)

Yes I did open a ticket but have not heard back except from you.

what questions do I need to answer separately? I will be happy to answer again if you need me to.

It is definitely taking longer than usual to get a response on a ticket because of very heavy volume. But, you will hear back from someone eventually.

Here are the questions again.

I can answer yes to each of those questions.


In that case, you are most likely simply waiting for the process of moving your number to the new phone to complete. This can take several days to complete, so it may just be a matter of waiting.

Until your number moves to the new phone, you should still be able to use the old one.

Well it’s been over a week and still it hasn’t moved over.

I can use my old phone but it’s on the way out. I can’t always answer my calls. That’s why I bought a new phone and really need it to work.

Hi @melaniew.exhkq1,

I’ll reply in your new ticket and give you the details our phone agent did not have available when you talked to him.

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