Activation and Updates Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge


My wifre and I just bought two new phones. I am struggling to transfer our phone numbers from our older motorola phones to the two new samsung phones. I tried to activate it but when I finish everything it doesn’t make any changes and doesn’t let me know if the number has been successfully transferred! Also, ever since turning on both new phones it’s been taking forever to do updates. We kept trying to provide and click the necessary things to set up the phone but updates are taking forever! It’s been very frustrating. Please let us know what we can do.


Just let the updates finish. Yes, they do take a while. Samsung released a big, time consuming update just a couple of days ago and this is what is coming to your phones. Once the updates are finished you should be able to complete the activation in short order.


Just to add what @billg said, there should be two big updates to your phone. One is to Android 7 and the other is a security update. When all the updates are completed and you’ve activated your phone, do it a favour and clear the Android System Cache/Cache Partition. Do this AFTER the phones are updated and activated, it will not delete personal information:

This should complete in less than 5 minutes.


I just want to add that during the time between when a phone is manufactured and when it is activated updates to the operating system sometimes occur and updates to the apps invariably occur. This is what you are experiencing. Republic Wireless has no control over this. You can encounter this with any brand or carrier.


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