Activation not completed after hours of attempts on Moto G5S Plus

I have a Moto G5S Plus with the 1 GB plan. I lost my phone over a week ago and have been using an old phone until the SIM card arrived. I got the SIM last night, installed it and waited an hour for everything to update, but the process appeared to have stalled.

I restarted the phone, it downloaded an update, and again said it would take less than an hour to update. I waited more than another hour, but it never finished. I have restarted multiple times, uninstalled the republic anywhere app as well as uninstalled the republic wireless app updates, powered off phone completely, then turned on and reinstalled.

I still just have the turquoise screen from the anywhere app with the anywhere logo and the spinning white circle. The republic app has a message in the top status bar saying, “We’re working as fast as we can to get you up and running.”

Hi @christinat.sl2ywe,

It sounds like you have done everything you can do, but this may be an issue that requires technical assistance. Would you please open a ticket so our technicians can investigate your service line?

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