Activation of Moto G7 Play

I bought an unlocked US Moto G7 Play on Amazon (XT-1952-4) since it was out of stock on RW, plus no shipping charges. I got it today, downloaded the RW app and it says my phone is not compatible with RW. It also says the software channel may not be compatible either. So can I activate it or do I need to return it?

Hi @chunga0z,

I’m afraid you’ll need to return the phone. Model XT1962-4 is an international variant and won’t work with Republic. Republic requires the U.S. factory unlocked model XT1962-1.

If buying new from a reputable retailer (Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo, etc.) matching the model is sufficient. If buying previously used you need to ask the seller to verify the software channel is one of the following:

  1. retus (Retail U.S.)
  2. amz (Amazon)
  3. fi (Google Fi)

If needed:

Otherwise, the best guidance for sourcing Republic compatible phones elsewhere is here:


Hi @chunga0z,

We may need to back up here. The answer I provided read your question as if you had a Moto G7. I’m now picking up on the fact your thread title is regarding a Moto G7 Play. If it is a G7 Play not a G7, I’m wrong and we need to start again.

XT1952-4 would be the Republic compatible Moto G7 Play. Where did you buy the phone? And, the one thing I got right in my initial post was how to check the software channel. Please do so and report back what you find:

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It is a G7 play in the software channel says Sprint. I bought it on Amazon.

Hi @chunga0z,

Do you have the option to return the phone? We’re not able to support a phone with a Sprint software channel.

Could you share the listing on Amazon? I’d like to see how it was represented.

Yes, I have initiated a return to Amazon. This is the link:

Moto G7 Play - Unlocked - 32 GB - Deep Indigo (US Warranty) for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Boost, Cricket, & Metro - PAE80011US (Renewed)

Renewed products are a mixed bag.
It is just Amazon’s fancy term for Used, but should be, like new condition.
For phones, it is risky, as you can see, not every seller is properly determining or listing the exact product they have.

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Thanks, @chunga0z,

Does it have any Sprint markings on it, or a Sprint boot screen?

If Amazon suggests you are responsible for any part of the return, please point out to them that one of product images is a statement that the phone has been tested and certified to work on the Republic Wireless network, and that is not the case.


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