Activation of new phone, data issues

When I activated my new Samsung S7 (transferring a number from an old republic phone), it asked about a data plan with options to add more data for increasing prices. However, I already have an unlimited data plan for all of my lines. What do I have to do to be sure that this phone is on the unlimited plan I am already paying for?

The S7 * Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930U) BYOD phone is only compatible for the current My Choice Plan.

The old “Legacy” phones are the only phones compatible with the older discontinued 1.0/2.0 plans. (Unlimited 3G and Refund)

See supported phones.

You will need to use this plan on the new phone:

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Also, the BYOD 3.0 My Choice phones use GSM (Tmobile) as the partner carrier.
The legacy phones only use CDMA (Sprint).

However, if u discover that GSM coverage is poor for you, u can open a ticket and R.W can look into getting u a CDMA SIM.

My Choice base talk/text is $15 and data can be added for $5GB as needed or set to be automatically added each month. Good practice to choose a monthly data plan carefully since data isn’t refunded or rolled over.


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