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I just changed my number on December 27th and I have not had time to change it on my dogs collar. He ran away tonight due to the fireworks. I was wondering if there was anyway to access my old voicemail or the voicemail linked up with my old phone number( 936)666-6121 to see if anyone has tried to contact me with my dog. Please offer any help or advice that you can.

Thank you

I doubt there is any voicemail box associated with your old number anymore. If there was, you could follow the instructions at:

Hi @deannaa.8or4il,

I’m very sorry to hear about your dog! @cbwahlstrom is no doubt correct that there isn’t currently a voicemail box currently associated with your old Republic number. That said, it’s unlikely that number has been assigned to another customer at this point. Please consider opening a support ticket when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help.

Perhaps, the number might be temporarily restored to your phone, so someone using it to reach you about your dog could do so? I do not know whether this is possible or what complications it might create with your new number but if it were my dog, I’d be willing to take most any shot potentially available to me. If you open that ticket, please let us know the ticket number and I’ll ask staff to do what it can to expedite.

Thank you guys very much! Yall were correct. I had to change number back temporarily back because there was no voicemail or service to that old number as long as my new number existed. I appreciate the help.

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