Activation question for Moto G Power (2021) Early Adopters

Hi @jasii. @kennyw.ec2x64, (and, other Moto G Power (2021) early adopters as they join):

@JSuth and I each activated a Moto G Power (2021) yesterday and both noticed that after connecting to WiFi, there was no obvious path forward. Other phones, once you connect to WiFi, the set-up wizard will usually go ahead and advance to the next step in the set-up.

Did anyone else experience this?

FYI - The screenshot you are showing is not a Moto G Power (2021). Front camera is in wrong place.

As I recall, when I activated it simply listed the WiFi connections available, I chose the closest one, entered password, it connected. I then closed the WiFi settings, the desktop/apps displayed and I was off and running. I did use my existing number, if that makes a difference, vs. new.

This is how it currently looks

One note on WiFi connecting vs. my old Moto G5+. On the Power(2021) I have to press and hold the WiFi icon to get to the network list and settings. Previously I only had to click on the network name under the icon. Not a complaint. Just a learning of the new Android 10 interface I guess.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you want me to test anything. Jerry.

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I knew I’d do that! I was activating both a Power and Play at the same time. :see_no_evil: Now I’m going to have to factory reset them both to figure whether it happened on both phones!

Where exactly? What steps are you taking to get to the specific WiFi icon you’re talking about? If I start in the Settings app, then tap Network & Internet, I only have to “tap” the word WiFi to get to the list of available networks.

Starting at the ‘home’ screen you get those pesky icons at the top telling you the WiFi/Cell strength, battery charge, new mail, etc…

So, on the old Moto G5+, Android 8.1, you swipe down and some of them enlarge including the WiFi which then displays the network you are on as well. Tap on the WiFi icon and it turns WiFi off/on. Tap on the network text below the icon and it opens up the available network list.

On the Moto G Power(2021), Android 10, same pesky icon list but if you swipe down you get a set of larger icons only. No WiFi network text. Swipe a second time and then you get the display with the text (same as one swipe with Moto G5+) In either swipe case, you press and hold on the WiFi icon and the available networks display.

I am assuming that this is Android release level, and not phone, specific.

FYI - I usually only use the Settings to change something of a global or permanent nature. Other more volatile things, like connections, I tend to use the apps or system functions.

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