Activation survey for Extend Home Beta

Hi @extend_home_beta,

Thanks for activating your Extend Home device and beginning to test it! The feedback and observations you’ve offered so far have improved our documentation, driven early improvements (Activation code on the caller ID, extended Timeout duration when dialing), and provided early insight to necessary support documentation.
I’ve sent out the Activation survey by direct message (visible only to Extend Home Beta participants). Please reply here if you have any specific questions about it or to discuss the survey further.

Thanks for your continued participation and feedback!


I will admit my calling via the Extend Home device has been largely confined to calling myself (or others) on various other household phones available to me. One curiosity, is when the far end of the conversation hangs up first, I get a busy signal (normal not fast) on the handset attached to the ATA.

I shall endeavor finding time to use the handset connected to the ATA for more realistic calls once past initial setup and deciding how best to integrate the ATA into my network. That network consists of an aging Apple Time Capsule as the main router with multiple Airport Express satellites wired to the Time Capsule via Ethernet. The Airport Expresses blanket my home with WiFi and also act as a music distribution system. The Apple centric nature of my network has never been an issue with regard to using Android and specifically Republic phones.

It is how the Grandstream works. It does not go back to a re-order tone.

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In the survey I said it took 30 minutes to get the ATA going. Some of that time involved a switch and some cabling necessary to connecting the ATA to a distant router and the link to the app not working from my phone necessitating downloading the app to my PC and installing from there. Once I had dealt with this stuff the activation took less than 5 minutes.


Same here as BillG. Full setup took under 30 minutes, but that included rearranging cables and some test calls.


Once I found some instructions on how to set things up online, setup was a breeze! It seems to be working just fine. I have not received the Activation survey by [direct message] but I followed the link in the message above and completed the survey. So far so good!

Your direct messages for the Extend Home Beta are in your Community inbox, here:

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How about “Obie”

Thank you!

You are now @Obie which means your Extend Home messages will now appear at - just in case you bookmarked that link.

Sorry I took so long to get to the survey, I was out of town the last 3 day.

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